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A competition brief I participated in while at Plymouth University, the aim of the brief was to create a unique piece of packaging for a client that would help to drive incremental sales to the retailer. I chose to rebrand Rani Kone Henna Paste, it's currently distributed in small specified shops and online. Other than that it's not something that can be purchased in day to day super markets.

My target audience consist mainly of Asian bridal parties in the UK. The decorations created using the Henna Paste are called Mehndi. Mehndi is used in Indian and Muslim weddings to create beautiful ornate patterns on the Bridal parties hands and faces.


The design problem I came across for the existing packaging was that it wasn't effectively communicating the product to it's audience. It currently looks cheap and sub par despite the products excellent reviews. My goal was to create quality packaging that match these glowing reviews. My second goal was to create something that would fit in on a Bridal makeup mirror next to all of the ornate patterned textiles and jewels. Finally, my packaging needed the same amount of time and detail put into it as these pieces of body art to reflect the product and sacred process of Mehndi.

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The original packaging is bilingual, this is an element I felt I must carry over. A majority of my target consumers may speak Arabic as their first language and it's vital not to alienate these current consumers of Rani Kone. 

Besides the multilingual element, I also like the additions of the dye colours to the boxes, with the purpose of making them easily identifiable on the shelf. However using red as a base colour for so many brown and orange tones makes it difficult to differentiate between dye colours. It also clashes with a lot of the other dye colours and it becomes far to busy.


For my design I'll be using a more neutral background colour but definitely using  the dye colours within my packaging to help consumers identify between them. My next design choice will be to drastically reduce the overall clutter of the design. There is a lot going on, I'll be stripping it back and only designing the necessary materials that need communicating

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