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Before starting this project I arranged a meeting with company founder and Director Dylan. I find a face to face meeting with clients makes it a lot easier to create a brief and start putting ideas together. I extrapolated that Dylan wanted a minimal flat aesthetic, mainly black and white but to still be able to differentiate between flavours of his products. He wanted a circular logo mark and had the name in mind Moonlit CBD with a tag line, "the art of wellbeing".

I asked about his competitors and what peoples preconceived ideas of his product were. He spoke about the competitors and their focus on the cannabis plant throughout their branding. He then voiced his concerns about the older generation and how they're boycotting the product because of a negative stigma related to cannibis and drugs as a whole. Cannabidiol derived products can make drastic improvements to peoples well being and quality of life, which is the counter opposite of the previously mentioned stigma attached to drugs.

The solution was to create an identity focused around the name and the benefits of using these products. Thus, each products name is astrological in its theme. For example, the CBD capsules became Crater Caps. Moonlit source an extremely high quality product. It's more effective than a lot of the lower quality products currently flooding the market but results in a slightly higher price. The companies packaging and labels needed to reflect this higher quality of CBD product with a high quality finish and refined aesthetic.

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After some back and fourth regarding the aesthetic of the products, I turned my inspiration towards the name of the company and space as a theme. I developed Dylans initial circular logo shape into a custom word mark that represents the shape of the moon.


My second problem was differentiating between colours while keeping a mainly black and white palette. For this problem I again used a celestial shape and used it to represent an eclipse with a hint of colour streaming in from behind the astral body. I continued to use the shape of an eclipse with light streaming behind it throughout the brand guidelines in order to justify typographic elements and also throughout workwear and business card designs.

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