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When I started my University course in Plymouth I began freelancing as an illustrator. I illustrate in various styles which sometimes works as a disadvantage in reaching a target demographic. However, working this way enables me to work according to my clients specific requests. I'm always learning new techniques and methods while on a job which then translates into other assets of my work be it in design or illustration. 

Working in so many styles is partly due to my inspiration coming from so many Artists. The lowbrow kings such as Robert Williams and R. Crumb to Jack Kirbies New Gods Comic Book Art. This combined with the fantastical Manga artwork of Kentaro Miura and James Jeans surreal works across multiple platforms. Art is so accessible these days. I follow hundreds of Tattoo, Digital and Graffiti Artists. Chase Tafoya and Jose Mertz are two I discovered via instagram when I first started out and they still heavily inspire me. Simply scrolling through Instagram on my phone these days is a great way to get the creative juices flowing.





Graphic Design. Freelance. Illustration. Branding. Packaging.