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I'm Liam Prothero, a Welsh Graphic Designer and Illustrator stemming from Carmarthenshire. I have a passion for Branding, Packaging Design and Illustration. I am a strong believer in designing with wit and communicating a brands message. Your brand isn't simply a Logo. Branding itself is about feeling, and the branding of an organisation or service should evoke emotion from the public when they see it.


Graphic Design and Illustration are very similar fields but must be approached completely differently. As a student of both it was important for me to know this difference. A design and its contributing elements serve a purpose, to communicate an idea or message. If you find yourself with extra elements in a design that don't serve this purpose then (as heart breaking as it can be) simply get rid. They can cloud your overall message and get in the way of what you're trying to communicate. 


With a lot of my Illustration work the weirder and whackier it gets the more wonderful! Treating these two disciplines as separate processes ensures the best results for both. Bringing them together later on as part of a bigger project for packaging designs can then create some truly stunning unique pieces that blend two of my favourite things.

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Graphic Design. Freelance. Illustration. Branding. Packaging.

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